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Asked: 4 years ago

What are all the item names and what do they do?

I don't have the game yet and I'll remove this question when i do (sorry 4 that)

Accepted Answer

From: Zaazaa0 4 years ago

I'll just list them all and the effects
Spin Drill: When you spin on dirt ground (Which is anywhere you have a drill mostly) You tunnel to the other side.
Cloud Flower: Every time you spin you create a cloud platform under you, but you only have 3 per cloud flower.
Rock Mushroom: Turns you into a rock and you roll around and kill things that you touch.
Fire Flower: Just like in Galaxy 1, you can shoot fireballs for a limited time.
Bee Mushroom: Like in Galaxy 1, lets you fly for a short time and stick to honeycombs.
Spring Mushroom: Like Galaxy 1, lets you jump really high, but you can't stop jumping.
Rainbow Star: Makes you invincible for a bit.

Next, the power-ups that you get while on Yoshi.
Dash Pepper: You run really fast, going up certain walls for a while.
Blimp Fruit: Yoshi inflates and flies up for a while, until his air runs out.
Bulb Berry: Lights up the ground, revealing invisible paths for a while. Without this, you will fall right through the invisible platforms.

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