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Where is the hidden star in the fluffy bluff galaxy?

I've ran through the galaxy 3 times and can't find it, could someone tell me where it is?

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tjernst answered:

You know where you get the Cloud Suit for the first time, right? Okay, from there, make three clouds so you can get on the tree. You'll find a sling star and a sleeping toad. Use it. You'll find a hungry Coin Luma, who wants 100 COINS. Luckily, the coins are easy to find, one ? coin is on the cloud the HL is on, and another in a pipe behind a tree. Just remember to stomp enemies in stead of spinning, and some coins are after that area.

I got there with 109 coins.
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Rubyyoshi answered:

If i'm right, you have to wait for a letter from the chimp saying that he as a game for you to play.
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dcavsnel answered:

start the first level and you see a tree to your right. Behind the tree was a pipe, I believe. Go in there and collect as many coins as possible. Once done, get up the tree. Use the cloud suit. Use the launch star there and youll find a coin-hungry luma there. It will need 100 coins btw. Get to the new planet and collect the silver stars.
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