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Asked: 4 years ago

Do you need to find all of the comet coins?

Do you need to find all of the comet coins to eventually get all of the stars, including the comets, or do you need to find all of the coins to make all of the comets eventually appear?

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From: cutthemac16 4 years ago

You do if your going for 242 stars. You must get all the comet medals to get the last galaxy, Grandmaster Galaxy , and go for the final batch of 2 stars.

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There are less comets than there are coins (there's a coin in every world but a small handful of worlds don't have comets) but I imagine you do. Still, if you're willing to try, give it a shot. I wish I could give you a more definite answer. Keep in mind that if you're wrong, you'll have to repeat a large number of stars entirely so that the coin will "count", though.

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Okay, I just happened to stumble across someone else's post in another question that implies you need all the medals to get the very last comet of all, meaning after all the bonuses and secrets and everything. That says to me that the others are probably possible without them, but if you want 100%, you'll want to clear them out.

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To get ALL the stars you need to collect all the Comet Coins, a Prankster Comet won't appear in a galaxy until you get its coin.

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Comet won't appear on planet before you have collected the medal from that planet. So to get any star from any comet, you have to first collect that planets comet medal.

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You'll need to collect all of the comet coins to make all of the comets show up, and you'll need all of the comets to show up to get all of the stars.

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