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Is there any indicator telling you what levels you have beat with Luigi?

I am a completionist and want to unlock every staff ghost but have no way of knowing if i got them or not besides going into the level and checking which is a pain. I was wondering if there is any menu indicator that i am missing?

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Gameflamemaster answered:

to do every staff ghost, beat the game, play every level with Luigi as he's then in every level, and finally play them again to see the ghost race.
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gleed312 answered:

Enter a level, if you see a Luigi ghost, that means you beat that level with Luigi. Other than that, no way.
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Super1589 answered:

Going in to a level to see the ghost may be annoying, but its the only way to check if you beat that level with Luigi.
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zappingampharos answered:

At some point after beating the game, Luigi will come and talk to you and then you can switch to Luigi any time you want. Luigi will be in a room just behind the starting place. You should see it because there is a green L above the door and the walls around the door are all green too. Then play every level again with Luigi and you will unlock all staff ghost datas.
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RizuRukia answered:

There is no indicator on the menu to tell you if you beat the level with Luigi so yes I know it is a pain but you need to fly into the galaxy and see if there is ghost Luigi or not on that level to know for sure you beat that level with Luigi.
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RizuRukia answered:

Since you want Luigi staff ghosts,get 9999 coins and you will unlock all the Luigi staff ghosts.
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