Question from sonicravenx

Asked: 4 years ago

This isnt about the game,but like why is there a saves box here and what does it mean?

just wonderin'
I want to know what it does why its there and what can i do wiht it lol

Additional details - 4 years ago

you know,if u got nothing nice to say,dont say it at all,and no one said i had to type right,do i see a sign saying a have to type correctly,no.Im not dumb

and thanks for the answer

Accepted Answer

From: megamachopop 4 years ago

In the saves tab, you can download the files and put them onto an SD card. It's saves for whatever game you're on if you happen to lose your file or a games too hard for you or things like that.

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What SAVE box? And please, make an effort to spell correctly and use actual grammar.

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