Question from sonicravenx

This isnt about the game,but like why is there a saves box here and what does it mean?

just wonderin'
I want to know what it does why its there and what can i do wiht it lol

tjernst asked for clarification:

What SAVE box? And please, make an effort to spell correctly and use actual grammar.

sonicravenx provided additional details:

you know,if u got nothing nice to say,dont say it at all,and no one said i had to type right,do i see a sign saying a have to type correctly,no.Im not dumb

and thanks for the answer

Accepted Answer

megamachopop answered:

In the saves tab, you can download the files and put them onto an SD card. It's saves for whatever game you're on if you happen to lose your file or a games too hard for you or things like that.
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