Question from Yombo

Asked: 4 years ago

How do you get the cloud flower to appear on Starship Mario?

I've already looked at the other question posted here with the answer, but none of it is good for me. I have 83 stars, I've completed the mentioned levels with a silver crown on them, and still no cloud. So obviously there's something else that needs to be done. I continued playing the game and I played the second star for the beach level, Starshine Beach, and that gave me the cloud. I have over 70 stars and both worlds 1 and 2 are completly unlocked, hope this helps people as the other post about this wasn't any help to me at all.

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From: Pokegami 4 years ago

Complete the second star on Starshine Beach Galaxy (the one with no Yoshi) to get the cloud flower

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Just keep playing. It will appear eventually.

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If you just collect all stars it will eventually appear.

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If you mean for actual use on Starship Mario, clear "Head in the Clouds" in Cloudy Court Galaxy (World 3).

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Obviously you people don't read the details because I already answered my own question. I just left it here so that others might be able to benefit from it. And honestly, answering a question with "just keep playing and eventually it'll show up" is NOT NOT NOT helpful at all. You might as well just say nothing. People want specifics, especially when i already said that I had 83 stars, meaning that I've pretty much beat the game and it hadn't showed up already.

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To get the cloud flower to appear, complete the Search for the Toad Brigade Captain mission in the Fluffy Bluff galaxy in World 1!

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