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How do I get the stars with a "?" mark??

its becuz in some galaxies there are some stars that have a "?",and that "?" sign is above a star of a level I already passes.I passed it faster,and still no star?? how do I get them?

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megamachopop answered:

The one's with the ? above them means there's a secret star. Most of the time it means finding a Hungry Luma and giving them a certain amount of star bits or coins, and a few others are just finding it in a different area of the level.
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smashbrosbar21 answered:

Stars that have a "?" sign above them are secret stars that can be obtained somewhere in the level. To get these stars you must feed a Hungry Luma a certain amount of coins or Star Bits that you must get in the level or find another hidden area or pipe (where The Chimp might be or another objective to get this star). Hope this helps!
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sonicvssilver22 answered:

That means there's a secret star. Either theres a Hungry Luma that wants some coins or theres a Star hidden in another part of the level. Usually, if the Star is hidden,then it is usually in a secret area off the main path [Like in the Honeybloom Galaxy,theres a hidden Star you get for using the swing in the beginning to go up instead of right towards the Bee Mushroom]
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