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Asked: 4 years ago

Sweet Mystery Galaxy Coment Coin?


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From: superfan123 4 years ago

Go as you normally would, but when you get to the part that has a bulb berry on a curve and the 1-up shortcut, after the curve there will be a place where you go north, go right to find some islands and the comet coin on the last one.

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Watch at 02:10

Just before the Hungry Luma, do some platform hopping with the Bulb Berry active to have a safe trip.

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When you get to the part that makes you go forward instead of right[You''ll see a platform with a fliyng pig thing and another Bulb Fruit in the distance] go right instead of toward the platform.You'll go to the Comet Medal/Coin after some platforms. If you want,get the Bulb Fruit ahead and go back.

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