Question from ipod_ice

Is this game 2 player co-op?

Is it like split-screen play, or modern warfare reflex kind of 2 player?

easyname343 asked for clarification:

Hmmm, a lot of these Questions seem to get great answers but no acceptance.

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thedudesta answered:

No, the only co-op in this game is a second player can act as another pointer and freeze enemies and pick up items. Despite how boring it sounds it's actually pretty enjoyable and can help out the first player a great deal.
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mariobros1989 answered:

No, but if you have 2 controlers you can play 2 player mode and if you do you can freeze enimies, stop yoshi from running , get coins, get 1-ups, and get star bits.
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shadowdimentio answered:

Yes kinda.
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Daisy26f answered:

No if you play with a second controller the other player can only kill bad guys, stop Yoshi and collect starbits and other items. The other player will be represented as an orange star and will follow you everywhere. This gets annoying because it takes away your view of the planet.
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