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Asked: 4 years ago

Can you PLZ HELP?!

there is ONE LAST ITEM that I need to put on display...
And yes, I have beaten the game but Not compleetly!

Additional details - 4 years ago

Sadly idk what item im missing!!!

Additional details - 3 years ago

Ok, I know now that it's the Beeshroom, but I can't get it. I even know how, but it isn't giving it too me.

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Which ones do you have already?

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I assume it's the fire flower. Do both box burning challenges.

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You have to use the item that you are missing in to get a few stars before it is put on display.

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Which item is it?

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You need to tell us what item it is that you are missing.

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Boo mushroom: Boo moon star 2
spring mushroom: Uhh... Chompworks star 2?
fire flower: secret star in Rightside down and/or Upside dizzy
bee mushroom: Honeyhop?
rock mushroom: Boulder bowl?

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Cloud flower: Fluffy bluff or cloudy court
Drill: Spin dig?
Yoshi: Yoshi star galaxy star 1

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What items do you have?

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Cloud Flower-Complete Fluffy Bluff and/or Cloudy Court Galaxy Star 1
Spin Drill-Complete Spin-Dig Galaxy Star 1
Fire Flower- Complete box burning challenges in Upside Dizzy Galaxy and Rightside Down Galaxy
Spring Mushroom-Complete Chompworks Galaxy Star 2
Boo Mushroom-Complete Boo Moon Galaxy Star 2
Rock Mushroom-Complete Boulder Bowl Galaxy Star 1
Bee Mushroom- Complete Honeybloom Galaxy Star 1

Hope this helps!

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Go to the galaxies that have power ups (don't all galaxies have power ups?) or my best but kind of rude idea is get all 120 stars. It is a bit of a challenge! (can also get green stars if you beat bowser after getting 120 stars)

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I don't now what items you are missing, but I can tell you where to find each one.
Spin Drill- Spin Drill Galaxy
Fire Flower- Upside Dizzy Galaxy
Cloud Flower- Fluffy Buff Galaxy
Rock Mushroom- Boulder Bowl Galaxy
Bee Mushroom- Honey Bloom and Honey Hop Galaxies
Spring Mushroom- Chompworks Galaxy
Boo Mushroom- Boo Moon Galaxy

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It's the fire flower.Complete Upside Dizzy Galaxy's box burning challenge.

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You need to go to world s to get the missing item for display on starship mario but sadly idk what item it is + idk what galaxy you get the item from.

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You do honeyhop's mission. IT'S THAT FRICKIN' EASY!

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You have get all stars not including green stars in both the honeyhop galaxy and the honeybloom galaxy.

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