Question from shadowkratos774

Is this game still co-op like in the last game?

You know how a friend could jump in and help out just by pointin the wiimote. Me and my bro. loved that in the last one and if it returns we will get this game.

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romeo777 answered:

Unlike in Galaxy 1, P2 can no longer make Mario jump or spin in mid-air. Still, he can stop enemies, collect and throw the Star Bits (even when Mario's riding Yoshi).
The new abilities in SMG2 that Co-Star luma can do is spinning, grabbing the coins (inculding the purple ones) and mushrooms, activating the checkpoint flags, stopping the Star Ball that Mario's riding and flipping switches.
P2 can even stop Yoshi when he's running away after taking damage.
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RizuRukia answered:

Yes it returns and in this one you can do more as the 2p.For example you can spin as the second player.You're a luma as 2p though.
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Yoshi_2000 answered:

Yes p2 can do everything they could have done in SMG1, and now they can defeat enemys and grab items like coins and 1-ups.
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hmelvin83 answered:

Oh yes! Mr. Luma can stun,defeat enemies, get coins and even make noises on their remote to yours! But they can't hurt Bosses or stun them. yeah he can stun Yoshi and make him freak by shooting star bits.
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