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How to get silver trophy ?

Sometimes, when I finish a level, I get a silver trophy just beside the image that shows how much stars I got from each world.

I got one silver trophy, but I don't know what I did.


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DragonoidDelta answered:

I passed the whole game and never seen a silver trophy....
If you mean a crown it's totally something else,

Silver crown mean you complete half of the galaxy. so around 1 to 3 stars
Golden crown mean you totally complete the galaxy so around 1 to 3 green stars.

Hope that helps
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TyVulpine answered:

Yes, Silver means you completed the regular stars, Gold means you also got the Green Stars in the level as well. (have to get 120 Stars then beat Bowser again to unlock Green Stars)
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mariotoad7 answered:

Yeah. I got a gold crown and that means you got all the stars and green stars (including hidden stars, comets, and grand stars.) If you have a silver one, you just got the regular stars. The same thing with worlds and galaxies. At the universe map, you can see a crown on a world. when you see a galaxy, there's a crown: gold or silver.
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yanksrule23 answered:

It means that you have gotten all of the Power Stars in the galaxy.
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