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Thia game or super mario galaxy 1?

I need help! i jus heard both games are too good and i only have enough money for 1 game only!!! i heard galaxy 1 had good atmosphere and music and galaxy 2 has more levels n better gameplay! both sounds good! i dont know which game i should get! for those who played both, can anyone give me a better overall of which galaxy game i should get?

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AnthraxRush answered:

This is one of those games where I would recommend playing the first before playing the second in my my opinion. Many people I know think that SMG2 was harder than the first and in SMG2 they preatty much assume you already know the controls which are the same as SMG1. Plus some aspects of the storyline arn't explained in SMG2 like they are in the first. I would recommend playing the first, first, but it ins't impossible to skip the first and start plaing the second.
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rje510 answered:

SMG1 is harder, but better imo
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mario_fanatic59 answered:

I would say that you should play the first game because it teaches you the controls better.
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Megaleg answered:

If you have someone to help and at least 2 Remotes, get the second. If you have only 1 remote or if you have no helper, get the first. Both games have a Co-Star Mode, but SMG2's CSM is better in my opinion.
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