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9999 Coins?!

I completely finished the game except that I would like to have all luigi ghosts without having to do again all the levels with luigi! So is there a special way or a galaxy were you can easily get a LOT of coins?


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avengah answered:

If you go into Fluffy Bluff as Mario, the hint sign will appear. Do the two coin bonuses (one on a high cloud above the tree, one in the pipe) then view the hint. It should take you no more than nine or ten repetitions to get 999 coins, the max for one run. Then grab a green star or something to exit quickly.
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rje510 answered:

Fluffy bluff star 1 or (imo) Rightside-down star 1
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yanksrule23 answered:

Rightside Down Galaxy and Fluffy Bluff Galaxy give you alot of coins.
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1800luigifan answered:

Fluffy buff get as many coins as possible jump on the tree and the coins behind the tree and try to find other coins and coins from bad guys .
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