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Strategy for completing Yoshi Star Galaxy - Spiny Rainbow Romp (Comet)?

Is there any special way to beat this? I have lost like 20 lives on this stupid comet already. 60 seconds just isn't enough time to get all the enemies. Any one have a trick or tip they can share with me to get this darn level done???
Thanks a bunch!

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blueye95 answered:

First, don't get into the mud.
Second, make sure you ALWAYS have the rainbow, it's hearable when it is almost ging to stop.
Third, use a route. I did it clockwise too.
And, if possible, don't stop running, because rainbow Mario goes faster after some time.
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rje510 answered:

Don't go in the mud and go in a clockwise direction. At least, that's what I did.
It took me about 20 lives as well
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runaway_angels answered:

Don't go in the water, jump over the mud, keep running nonstop. if you've lost that much lives, then you probably have a good idea of where the spinies are, so just go around the whole area, don't think about the time limit and you're fine. Take your time. If you pressure yourself too much, you're never gonna win.
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