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What are stars for?

I found them and I'm new to the game. Do they give 1-ups?

FireCharizard provided additional details:

I mean star bits. I just got a Wii in this 2010 christmas.

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RizuRukia answered:

Power stars or star bits?
If you mean power stars than they get you further into the game.
If you mean star bits then they (give you lives for every 50 you get I think) and when you deposit 9999 of those into the bank something will happen later.Oh,and you can fire them at things by pointing at them and pressing B.
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1800luigifan answered:

star bits give you a 1-up once you get 100 of them and you can bye some things with them
and power stars let you get further like RizuRukia said and they power the ship
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RizuRukia answered:

Oops it was 100 star bits.Oh wells...
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blueye95 answered:

Star bits are used for filling hungry Luma's to create more galaxy's. Also, in a level, when you get 100 of them, you will get a 1-up. When you deposit 9999 of them at the bank, it will make a star appear, but that is only at the very end of the game.
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