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please ... Is ... the most powerful helper???????????

Is Yoshi the most powerful helper?

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bowser_101 answered:

yes Yoshi is a great helper he can eat the Goombas' and star bits come out t
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savior465 answered:

What do you mean by helper? you mean companion? or do you mean power up?
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leetic answered:

As far as Mario's helpers are, he is. But there are a few enemies/bosses that might be better helpers if befriended (If you could befriend them) like Gobblegut.
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ABXInferno answered:

In the case that you consider Yoshi a Power-up, I would consider all of them to be equal. However, should you need star bits, he's good to eat enemies if you're afraid to go near. Bullet Bills are also eatable, so launch them at a wall to get, wait for it............STAR BITS!

However, unlike NSMBWii, you still take damage when you are on him and he runs away. He is not your fail-safe. For example, in a Daredevil run, you still die even when you are on Yoshi.
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