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How do I get past Green Star 3 of Melty Monster Galaxy?

I have 231 stars and I want to get 240 so I can unlock Grand Master Galaxy. One of the stars I'm stuck on rescuing is the 3rd green star of Melty Monster Galaxy. How do I get past it?!! I keep on rolling past the green star! Please tell me the answer!

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I also looked up on youtube and the strategies from the videos are not helpful.

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Nevermind! I fanally got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, I now have 236 stars.


RevenantThings answered:

Good that you already got it, but video walkthroughs sometimes can be a help. Not necessarily how to do it (as you said it wasn't helpful in this case) but definitely to become more aware of the map and area.
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Newberry24 answered:

Congratulations on the catch. For those who are wondering, it's near the end. Before bouncing off the second rail. One must veer right and fall off in the hopes of trying to reach the green star. This was no easy task for me and perhaps any gamer who plays this game. Keep trying is my advice.
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xahhfink6 answered:

Literally just found an answer for you: Roll past it as if you were beating the level normally. Jump into the final area, hit the wall and bounce BACK OUT. You will hit a ledge and will stop rolling, making it easy to walk over to the star and jump to it.

Hope this helps!
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