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Asked: 3 years ago

What is the best way to get 9,999 star bits?

I have 4,000+ and thats just from playing through the game but I remember there was a level where you were boulder Mario and there was a healthy supply of starbits near a check point flag and a 1 up. I repeatedly killed myself for a while then got bored and finished the level. This was quite lucrative but I was wondering if there was any level in particular that is high in star bits, quick and easy to rine and repeat?
sorry 'bout the long-winded question ^_^

Accepted Answer

From: leetic 3 years ago

If you go through Sweet Mystery Galaxy, you will get 200+ star bits. It is not very hard, unless you aren't very quick.

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Well here is one way to get 9,999 star bits staying on Star ship Mario (Warning this is a very slow way) if you beated the game once you would be able to do this.1. be Mario or Luigi,2. go to the spot where star bits make a circle around the Luma,3. get the star bits,4. change into Mario or Luigi,5. go to the same spot and get the star bits again. Repeat this untill you want to put your star bits in the bank (banker toad).

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