Question from loganplock16

How do I unlock or make the other 120 stars appear?

after I collected all of the 120 stars with mario but nothing else happened, I already collected all the comet coins and no other comets appeared and when I used luigi to collect some stars that are silver and my number of stars never went up. so do I go back with luigi and defeat bowser is or did I miss somthing else in the game. I need a answer how do I make the other 120 stars apear


Boombunker36 answered:

If you have all 120 yellow stars. U need to beat bowser in world 6 again. I'm not sure if you hav to beat it with Luigi or you can use Mario, so I'd use Luigi just in case.
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DefenderHero answered:

Once you have collected all 120 Power Stars, defeat Bowser again in World 6. You should see a cutscene that shows the next 120 Stars being unleashed. It does not matter who you use.
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angrynerds5000 answered:

Once you get all 120 power stars defeat Bowser at world 6 again. I believe this won't work if you have any bronze stars so get rid of them if you have any first. Who you play as shouldn't matter.
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CoolKoopa15 answered:

Defeat Bowser again and something "Special" will happen.
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