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Asked: 4 years ago

How many stars will you be able to collect in total?

That is, counting re-runs, such as when you beat the game again with Luigi. Is it going to be 242 as well like its predecessor?

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From: Crybos 4 years ago

There's 242 total. After you get 241 collect 9999 bits and give them to the bank toad, the comet will appear on the final galaxy. Good luck.

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No 240, 120 gold stars and 120 green stars

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241 stars, I assume. 120 gold stars, 120 green stars, and then a final galaxy.

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Most likely 240, (120 gold and 120 green) uless there is also one secret level in the end. BTW, you don't play the entire game again as Luigi. Instead, you can find him throughout the galaxies, and he'll ask you if you want to play as him instead of Mario.

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There's actually a grand total of 242 stars. Originally 120 yellow stars, getting them unlocks the 120 green stars, getting them unlocks the Grandmaster Galaxy which has 1 power star and 1 comet star. So there you go 242 stars!

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241.Heres how i know this.WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW!!!

I just got 120 stars today,and now i have to get green stars.Theres 120 green stars.Then theres one more place in World S that doesnt open up intill you get all green stars.So there are 241.

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It will be always 120

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