Question from silverninja1012

Asked: 4 years ago

So it's out today right?

Where can i buy it without paying for it online? and is there even a store open since it's sunday?

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From: mmftrecord 4 years ago

yes, gamestop is open on sundays. I have to one in the mall before, somestimes best buy carries new games. so it depends which store you live near.

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*Been to one in the mall

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Everything isn't closed just because it's Sunday! Stuff like the post office is closed, sure, but unless it's a holiday, stuff should be open. ;)

Regardless, yes, the game is officially out as of today. I recommend going to your nearest Wal-Mart. I work at one, and we ALWAYS have a lot of copies of new games and very rarely run out (if we do, they order a ton more), whereas Gamestop is almost guaranteed to have nothing unless the game got a lot of preorders.

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I'd hurry up if you want to get it, it's a great game, and Wii nerds everywhere will be buying this game. I already have it, I pre-ordered, it is a must have

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Target, Walmart, KayMart, Best Buy, Game Stop, EBN Games, anywhere should carry a prime game like this

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Everyone is just about correct here. I was lucky and got the last copy at wal-mart. I went back the next day and there was like 10 copies untaken.

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