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Asked: 4 years ago

Where is the cosmic coin for the boss blitz galaxy?

Please tell me where it is. i tried doing what the luigi ghost did and it didn't work.

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In case you didn't know the boss blitz galaxy is in world s where you fight bosses from the first super mario galaxy

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Really? than what is the point of the luigi ghost?

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From: romeo777 4 years ago

On the planet where you fought King Kaliente, go to opposide side, stand where a Life Mushroom is, backflip and spin to get a Comet Medal.

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Walk underneath the planet when you're figthing the octopus in the lava.

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The Coin is on King Kaliente's Planet. Run away to the opposite side and there will be 4 rocks surrounding a Life Mushroom in the Comet Medal's shadow.

I recommend Backflipping from the top of a rock because the Medal is very high up and you need to time the spin at an extremely precise moment if you just jump from the ground. Jumping from a rock gives you a much needed boost.

The Luigi ghost is a Staff Ghost, much like the Mario Kart series. It shows the programmers' fastest run and is an added challenge for the Player's skill. Luigi also has better jumps and longer stopping skids than his shorter and older twin, so Mario won't get the same results.

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