Question from bobby112358

Asked: 4 years ago

Which is better?

Which game should I buy? Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Galaxy 2?

Accepted Answer

From: Spark_159 4 years ago

Definitly, Super Mario Galaxy 2. There are more features and its a lot longer. The only way this game can get boring is if you if you play for long periods of time.

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Get Super Mario Galaxy 2.There is some things from Super Mario Galaxy 1 in there too (not saying what) so it would be better to get Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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I'd say SMG2, but you will be lost on a few things without playing SMG1 first. Mostly a few names and terms, but also knowing how to beat the Boss Blitz Galaxy quickly (the bosses there are from SMG1).

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Buy a used super mario galaxy 1 then a new supermario galaxy 2 game,so your moves and tactics will improve from the smg1,then playing the new one will be a blast since your are already famliar with controls and movements,then you don't have to bore yourself learning moves in smg2

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