Question from garyoak99

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat the Lakitu King?

The best I have ever done is hit the Lakitu King twice. It is after that second hit that he seems to get much harder to hit!

Any advice on how to get the third and final hit?

Additional details - 4 years ago

I'm playing alone so having an extra person shooting starbits at him isn't an option.

Yes, I know it SOUNDS easy enough but every time I try to LEAD my shots; he moves in the OPPOSITE direction! Comparing this boss fight with a first-person shooter or an air/space vehicle combat game isn't fair because in THOSE sorts of games you get automatic gunfire so there is a HUGE margin of error.

In contrast, in THIS boss battle, we have to NEUTRALIZE our HOSTILE ammunition, load ONE shot at a time, hit the jump button and THEN fire it.

Is there a consistent way of predicting which direction he will move so that I'll know WHICH direction to lead my shots in?

Accepted Answer

From: MissBatty 4 years ago

Don't shoot where he is, shoot where he's GOING to be. That's what I resorted to. It's pretty hard, yes, but once you start to predict his movement, you'll get him.

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If you can get help from a second player, have them rapidly shoot starbits to keep him from moving. Otherwise, you'll just need to predict his movements and aim ahead of him.

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If you've ever played a First-Person Shooter or an Air/Space Vehicle Combat game before, you should know that you always lead your shots against a moving target. When Lakitu King is on his last hit, shoot ahead of where he'll go so that he moves into your fired shot.

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Unfortunately, no. Just fire as soon as you see him start to move and pray.

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Really, the only thing I can say is be lucky. I had a lot of trouble with him (or her?) but i eventually just made a lucky shot. And you are completely right, a platformer like this, even with it's odd gravity changes, cannot be compared to a FPS/ flying shooter.

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