Question from lolhalo22

Asked: 4 years ago

I got 240 stars but grand master galaxy wont appear?

what should I do?

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From: R351D3NT3V1L4 4 years ago

Make sure you don't have any bronze stars. You need 120 gold stars and 120 green stars.

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After getting 120 Gold and 120 Green Stars, you should have it. If not, defeat the final Bowser fight again and deposit 9,999 Star Bits and see if that helps.

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1. Check that you have 120 gold and 120 green stars
2. complete the final bowser level again

After completing these steps you should have the galaxy unlocked.
once you have completed the first level on the galaxy, deposit 9999 star bits into the bank toad, to unlock the prankster comet for the galaxy. this is the hardest level on the game and is very frustrating at times, so good luck.
when this is completed you will see a short scene and will unlock something to go on the ship (or someone), but i wont spoil it for you. you will also have a shiny save file planet, and the title "master of the galaxies". good luck and i hope this helped. :)

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