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Item Location Help Answers
Can you PLZ HELP?! 13
9999 Coins?! 4
9999 Star bits? 3
Any reason I should give starbits to bank toad ? 1
At what rate does the Bank toad gather starbits for you? 1
Bumble biginnings? 1
Can I get the cosmic guide on bowsers lava lair? 15
Can I use the drill on the mario space ship? 1
Can you get a bronze star? 4
Do you get anything for getting 9999 coins? 1
Grab Comet Medal and return to map, impossible? 1
Grn Star Help for Fleet Glide Galaxy and Clockwork Ruins Galaxy? 1
How can you make the cloud suit be on starship mario? 7
How do I get power-ups on display in the engine room? 2
How do I get the Fire Flower display in the engine room? 3
How do you get all the powers into the starship mario? 1
How do you get the commet mission for GrandMaster Galaxy? 1
How do you get the World 4 Supermassive Galaxy green star 1? 3
I can't find the 1st green star in Boo Moon Galaxy?? 1
Legenary world??!! 2
List of where of all the cosmic guides? 2
Play as wario? 9
Stars? 3
Starship Mario Casino? 2
Sweet Mystery Galaxy Coment Coin? 3
What and how can you get people or objects on starship mario? 1
What are all the item names and what do they do? 1
What are comets medals? 2
What happens whens all the Rainbow notes are collected? 4
What is the last item???? 1
What purpose do Coins serve outside levels? 2
What's the point of the comet coin things? 1
Where is the 2nd Green star in Hightail Falls Galaxy? 1
Where is the best place at finding star bits alot of them? 2
Where is the cosmic coin for the boss blitz galaxy? 3
Where is the Rolling Coaster Comet Coin? 1
Where is the Sky Station Comet Coin? 1
While on the Starship? 3

Level Help Answers
2nd Bowser's Galaxy Generator Green Star? 1
Anyone know a secret to having good control over yoshi? 1
How do i beat luigi's purple coin chaos? 1
How do I get past (Frss ball galaxy)? 1
How do I get past Green Star 3 of Melty Monster Galaxy? 3
How do you get to the 1-Up Mushroom on the other side of the walls on the first planet in Boo Moon Galaxy? 2
Need help????? 1
Seriously Flawed Game-Mechanic? 1
Chimp Challenge? 2
Cosmic Guide help? 2
Cosmic Guide? 3
Fleet Glide Galaxy, Green Star 2? 1
Flip-Out Galaxy Coin Help Please? 1
Green Star 1 Stone cyclone? 4
Green stars? 3
How do I beat The Chimp's second skating challenge? 2
How do I beat the Flash Black Galaxy? 2
How do I beat the Parrot Race? 1
How do I get past (Flip-Out Galaxy Comet)? 2
How do I get past (world 5)? 3
How do I get past (Yoshi 1)? 3
How do I get past cosmic clones in the chompworks? 1
How do I get past Flip-Out Galaxy? 1
How do I get past Grandmaster galaxy perfect run? 1
How do I get past Grandmaster galaxy???!!! the comet run is too difficult??? 2
How do I get past Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos? 1
How do I get past the first part of the Melty Monster Galaxy on the magnificent Magma sea? 1
How do I get past the perfect run on grandmaster galaxy? 4
How do I get past? 1
How do I get the green star on flipswitch galaxy? 1
How do I get the hidden star in Boo Moon Galaxy? 3
How do I get the second star in Starshine Beach Galaxy? 2
How do I get unlock the "Perfect Run"? 1
How do I play as Luigi? 1
How do I unlock the grandmaster galaxy? 2
How do you get the two green stars on world 1-1? 1
How does one complete the last Prankster Comet? 1
How many Classic Levels? (Non-Spoiler Please) 4
How many worlds are in this game? 1
I can't summon the prankster comets? 9
Is getting additonal Power Stars optional and for completists? 1
On freezy flake galaxy, how do I get the "hidden star"? 2
Sky Station Galaxy ? 3
So no galaxy is fully complete (Stars) until they have a crown next to them? 8
Throwback galaxy? 1
Were are all the hidden stars in the frist world or galaxy? 1
Where is the Cloudy Court Galaxy Comet coin? 1
Where is the Comet Medal on melty monster galaxy? 1
Where is the Freezy flake galaxy Comet coin? 2
Where is the hidden star in the fluffy bluff galaxy? 3
Which galaxy course is the best to farm out lots of coins? 1

Other Help Answers
Can Cosmic Roasilina be used with Luigi? 0
Cant find 2nd green star in Silver Burn Galaxy? 4
How do I put a Mario Galaxy 2 save file onto an SD card and have it read properly on the Wii? 1
Spare Club Nintendo: Elite Status Codes? 1
Will somebody help? 1
A Ghost Has Appeared? 1
Are green stars the same as gold stars? 1
Can I get some help guys? 5
Can you use the Wii Classic Controller (Pro) to play this game? 8
Character help? 3
Difficulty/length/files? 2
Do you need to find all of the comet coins? 6
Does Galaxy still gave a 2 player mode? 5
Does multi player give people an unfair advantage? 1
Does The Game Have A Pre-Order Bonus? 16
Epic Boss Fight? 2
Glitches? 7
How can you get Green Stars? 2
How come my lives disappear each time I exit the game? 2
How do I get the Green Stars in Honeybloom Galaxy and Flipsville Galaxy? 1
How do I make the ghost Luigi disappear after clearing the level with Luigi? 1
How do you get power stars quickly? 1
How do you get the comet for sky station galaxy? 3
How hard is this game compared to Mario Galaxy 1? 2
How long it takes to beat game? 3
How many more worlds(Galaxies or whatever..) are there in this game? 2
How many playable characters are there? 2
How many players? 4
How many Starbits for Toad? 7
How many stars will you be able to collect in total? 7
How many worlds will it have? 2
How to get silver trophy ? 4
I got 240 stars but grand master galaxy wont appear? 3
If I get 120 stars but some are bronze can I still go find the green stars? 2
If you have the first one,Is there any special perks or something? 2
In the inner room where the power is, .Can you use the items there even though there at the ship or something? 5
Is sonic in it or not? 12
Is there a prize to completing the game without the Cosmic Guide appearing? 2
Is there any indicator telling you what levels you have beat with Luigi? 6
Is there voice acting in this game? 1
Is this a glitch? 1
Is this game 2 player co-op? 4
Is this game any good?(Is it fun?) 8
Is this out in guam? 1
Little Golden Butterflys? 5
Luigi's Ghost - Staff or me? 1
Luigi/Mario Differences? 2
Mario head? 1
Not dying once??? 1
Numer of "users" allowed in SMG2? 5
please ... Is ... the most powerful helper??????????? 4
Short game?! 5
SMG2 OR Epic Mickey? 8
So it's out today right? 7
The types of comets in the game? 1
The Wii plus adapter? 4
There's a chamber on the homeplanet in Mario's hat with power-ups, one is missing? 1
Thia game or super mario galaxy 1? 4
This isnt about the game,but like why is there a saves box here and what does it mean? 1
Throwback Galaxy Question? 1
Walktroughs? 4
What are stars for? 4
What are the question marks above the stars?? 1
What does the blue Rosalina do? 5
What happens when you collect all the green stars? 1
What is the last world? 2
What is the name of those little wood guys? 4
What is the point of the power-ups in the room in the mario ship? 3
What prompts the mail from the Chimp for Slimy Spring star? 7
What's up with Luigi's ghost in Clockwork Ruins? 1
When does super mario galaxy 2 come out? 21
Where can I grind Starbits easily? 2
Which is better? 4
Why did this happen? 1
Why is ghost Luigi always there and what's his purpose? 7
Why is there a Luigi ghost? 1
Will there be another super mario galaxy game in the future? 1
Wouldn't there be 244 stars? 1
Yoshi in Sky Station Galaxy? 2

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