Question from lemonflavoredso

Asked: 4 years ago

Space Jump Fail?

Okay So I just got the space jump and m first task is to jump over what used to be a bridge, only every time I try I fail miserably. Am I doing it wrong? I tried going fast and failed and tried going slow and failed and tried to mix the two and failed. Why can't I do this.

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From: pokedude900 4 years ago

Make sure you are moving forward when you first jump. The second jump will give you a slight boost in height. Then tap the jump button fairly quick, but not rapidly.

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Also, to add on what pokedude900 said, make sure you are spinning when you jump. This is done, as he said, be moving forward when you jump. Also, as a visual aid, press 2 again as you become level with where you were before you even jumped.

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