Question from superewolf

Sector 1?

I beat the 2 giant worms that come out of the wall and now I'm lost ?


LinkSamus3 answered:

Well, if you clicked on "Answers" to get here, click on "FAQs" instead and then click on Banjo_2553's Walkthrough. Scroll down to where you are and he'll help you get where you need to be, with a few items along the way. I forget exactly where you go from there, because I'm working on getting through Hard Mode right now.
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joeAce4 answered:

You need to get to the northmost Navigation room. A door recently locked will now appear open. Once in there, find a ball tube on the left side (like 2 yards from the door). Get in it and it will take you to a glitchy break in the tube. Jump over that with 2 and roll up. Turn the computer. There will be a glitch in the lower right corner. Bomb the glitch and roll through to fight a hard boss of insects. Shoot them with charge beam.
Good luck!
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