Question from XOXMSperfect

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get past sector one super missle door?

So in sector one im stuck on the part where theres monsters that roll in a ball and dig underground. After you beat them the door at the end doesnt unlock, and the room on the side has a super missle door that cant be opened. Is there an alternate route? or a way to open the locked door?

Accepted Answer

From: Alucard_Axel 4 years ago

There are 2 hatches above you with a Green outline next to it, Go to the one on the right and jump into it, Youll then go into morph ball mode and roll through :P

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Check out this video, I'm stuck where you are right now actually.

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To elaborate, in the room with the Super Missile door there is a spot where you gain a missile tank in the main room itself. I didn't realize you need to follow the path in that vent.

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