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Deviation in tradition is acceptable so long as it's not accompanied by deviation in quality.940674/10
The "M" Stands for "Mistakes"Awasai5/10
9 thumbs up out of 10Shah1389/10
People who expect something different frown upon this game... Allow me to enlighten you.SuperSmashBro139/10
A pouty thumbs down.UnaidedCoder3/10
Even ignoring the plot, this game has many issues that should have been resolvedVRX30004/10
Hard Luck Woman...discoinferno845/10
What should have been another Metroid masterpiece is marred by terrible storytelling and stupid controlsArchmonk Iga5/10
"Any objections, Lady?" Yes, quite a few, actually!Big_Isaac2/10
I just had to give it a chance.....I just had to......Cabadiah5/10
A jewel of a game? If and only if you count its scratches.Celebi72423/10
Samus Aran + Human Emotions = Ruined Franchise?? Not even close...CrimsonGear808/10
One Step Sideways, One Step Forward, Two Steps Backdarkknight1097/10
I have some objections, AdamFang2896/10
A game that should've been left in the oven just a bit longer........gazm0tr0n6/10
Metroid: Other M is a the red headed step child of Metroid gamesGiggles the Turtle4/10
Samus may have developed emotional instabilities, but she still knows how to kick ass.HailToTheGun8/10
Space Marine Janehorror_spooky9/10
Metroid: Other Movie - A Lifetime Channel OriginalJohn3255/10
Metroid Other M - Controversy is Thy Namekenryoku_maxis8/10
A sad, strange little game. It has my pity. And my compassion.KMAnsem5/10
Old Meets New: The Evolution of Metroidkobalobasileus7/10
A ray of sunshine at the end of this long journey.KonRadio207/10
Another MemoryKuronii7/10
Hey, Samus? Shut up and let me play.LinkIII_IsBack8/10
Does it live up to the series?Link_Wind_Hero8/10
Modern Gamers, Who Always Want "More", I Hope You're HappyMotherKojiro6/10
Metroid: Other M - It may not be Super Metroid, but it's still a great game on its ownNettoSaito10/10
A smaller, less impressive game than the Prime series, though it still manages to entertain.nintendosega7/10
Metroid Other M - A bad game, or just different?Onilink999997/10
This game had so much wasted potential...Reach_Out_122/10
A Metroid title worthy of your time.Relle8/10
Thumbs DownSpiralSage5/10
Thoughtless design choices permeate everything about Metroid: Other M.SSpectre4/10

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