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What presents (collectables) are most loved by party members?

I wanted to level up affinity and noticed that different characters love some things more than others (2 or even 3 hearts - for example, Melia loves Dobercogli - 3 hearts for each). Can anybody write a mini-guide of best presents for each character?

S_e_p_h_i_r_oth provided additional details:

Just go to items - collectables - and select "present"

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Noctis1 answered:

ok so far i know:
Dunban=Death Bangle +2
Rubber Mantis +2
Prairie Dragonfly +2
Plate Snow +2

Shulk= Black blossom +2
Orb Daisy +2
Mud Squirrel +2
Shield Bug +3

Riki=Kelp Mushroom +2
Sour Gooseberry +2 (Give to sharla for +3)
Soft sea Cucumber +3
Moth Crawler +3
Prairie Dragonfly +2
Brown Butterfly +2
Rubber Mantis +3
Forest of Gossip +2

Sharla=Hard Lotus +2
Spicy Nut +2
Sour Goosberry +3
Bright Figg +2
Kneekap Rock +2
Gold Dust Illusion +2

Melia= Mystic Dahlia +2
Doomsday Poppy +2
Forget-You-Not +2
Night Lilly +2
Spirit Clematis +2
Chimera Rabbit +2
Dobercorgi +3
Venom Platpus +2
Rumble Box +2
Steel Silk +2

Reyn=Meaty Carrot +2
Spicy Cabbage +3
Girl Courgette +2
Scorl Mushroom +2
Humming Cabbage +2
Sea Frog +2
Black Frog +2
Yellow Cat +2
Shin Newt +2
Giant Horn +2
White night rod +2

Fiora=Chewy Radish +2
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schallmau3r answered:

How do you offer presents at all?! Never found that Option. Must be later in the game i guess.
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DragonEleven answered:

This page lists the effect of each collactable when given to each character.
It's in japanese, but they appear to be grouped into item type (vegetables, fruit, flowers, etc.) and within those groups seem to be in the order they appear in the collectopaedia (a webpage translator will help a bit).
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Xenobladed answered:

In SplitInfinity's achievement guide I found this, it may be helpful, I've yet to try it out:
Study aids - Give Shulk 20 pieces of machinery as gifts.
Auber the top - Give Reyn an Energy Aubergine as a gift.
Fruitful gifts - Give Sharla fruit as a gift 20 times.
Not just Riki eat! - Have Riki give insects as gifts 30 times.
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Noctis1 answered:

Fiora=Chewy Radish +2
Cute Parsnip +2
Fatal Belladonna +2
Delerium Foxglove +2
Blood Worm +3
Happy Rabbit +2
Oil Fox +2
Fossil Monkey +2
Shiny Scarab +2
Dawn Dice +2
Love Crane +2
Tweet Tweet +2
Ha Ha Ha +2
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