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Does party order affect affinity gaining between party members?

It seems that if i line up shulk as leader and reyn as 2nd in command, every time i do a quest , most of the time these two get affinity raise, but not the sharla.

i switch reyn as leader and out sharla as 2nd in command the same thing happens, but not all the time.

Please advise. Thanks.


DragonEleven answered:

I've noticed the same thing happening, but it doesn't seem to have a huge effect, as the affinity gain from quests seems relatively small in the long run compared to the affinity gain during battles, which is more even... I only used Shulk, Reyn and Sharla to begin with, and when the first reached max affinity, I'm pretty sure the others weren't far behind.
The difference actually comes in handy when you start getting more characters added to your party, as you can finish off the affinity between two existing characters while you start on their affinty with the newest character, so you shouldn't worry about it.
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Sanctriell answered:

I noticed the party order affects the affinity during quests. First char 1 position will most of the time have affection with the 3rd party char during quest. Some quests might not depends on Character but most of the time is 1st with 3rd char during quest means starting a quest, ending etc. Good luck!
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Phadin answered:

It depends on what your doing. When activating or completing quests, there is a chance of affinity gain between the party leader and one or both of the AI characters. In battle, affinity burst will increase affinity between party leader and another member, though sometimes it will increase affinity universally between members. Activating chain attacks will also increase affinity universally.

Giving presents and heart to heart activities will only increase affinity between the selected party members.
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Madmortagan answered:

By my observation, party order does not affect who gains affinity during quest dialogue. However, it does effect who gets affinity during battle. Let's say you want to increase the infinity between Sharla and Shulk. You will want Sharla and Shulk as characters 2 and 3 (order makes no difference) and then use a 3rd character as the character you control, lets say Reyn. During battle you will predominantly get chances to encourage either Sharla or Shulk; in either case the character not part of the initial encouragement will then encourage the same character as you. So, whether your encouraging Sharla or Shulk each time they will be encouraging each other. This provides the greatest percentage of opportunities to raise affinity between two characters since the only time they wont gain affinity is when either of those characters are encouraging your character directly.
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rpgexpert137 answered:

Not sure if it really matters or not but the best way to raise affinitty is by giving dont get much from side quest.i got melia and sharla to purple cloud which is one level away from max just with gifts, they were at the first level and it only took me 5 minuets sitting there doing nothing but giving them also doesnt matter who gives or receives if u want to raise it between two certain people because its a mutual increase.
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ADM6984 answered:

When accepting or collecting a reward from a quest, the leader can randomly get a 2 or 4 heart bonus to his or her affinity with one of the other allies in the current active party.
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ReddShope answered:

The order does not affect who gets the boost. Though it seems some characters more easily gain affinity with certain characters. For instance, Shulk and Reyn often comment on quests that are accepted when one is in the lead and one is in the back. Overall though, it shouldn't take long to raise affinity even with these tendencies.
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