Question from cholfo

Whit who can i trade Black Liver Bean?

I spend a lot of time try to find it in bionis interior with cero results, please help me

ditocs asked for clarification:

Did u get any in the first place entered bionis interior?
i still havent got any from aorta near the heart. its always been taptaptap, high entia jewel, azure mouse, sarsaparilla, wew


DragonEleven answered:

I'm afraid I don't think there's anyone who trades it, so you'll have to just keep searching.
You may want to focus on the little dead ends you get here and there... I think I got at least a couple from places like that, so there may be more chance of finding them in those places, but they are extremely rare, so could still take a while.
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Gigagreymon answered:

There's a trick to improve your chances of a black liver bean. Go to the heart's entrance, turn your clock to 3 pm. Turn towards the heart so the collectible isn't on the screen (not sure if that matters, but won't hurt) and save the game. When the clock turns to 4 pm, turn around and get the collectible, You have a chance of around 25% to get a black liver bean. If you're unlucky, save and reload. The collectible disappears on reload, but respawns after 1 hour of ingame time, so turn around at 4 pm again and try again untill you're lucky. The waiting part might be annoying, but it should be a lot faster.
When you need a second bean, just turn the clock back to 3 pm and repeat.
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Sanctriell answered:

for me this methode didnt work quite well. What I did but was certainly turn my clock to afternoon, save and load. wait 1 hour then seek the colletibles. I found out the best place with a lot of colletibles in bionis interior is the first place when you first time entered bionis interior. There are like 5-7 collectibles in that area, which is faster to collect than to run around the heart region.
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ditocs answered:

Yeah, i got one from the aorta!
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goldsilverstorm answered:

i support what Sactriell said i did his method and within 30 minutes i got 3 beans near the liquid of the third lung........After hours of searching his method netted me them within thirty minutes.........unbelievable good job sanctriell.
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