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How do I know which talents to use when I have to change the future in a fight? Like Shield can block Arachno Crush?

Like Shield can block Arachno Crush?

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DragonEleven answered:

If you read the tutorial for it, enemy arts are classified as three types, which are indicated by the colour of their name in the vision window... talent arts like Arachno Crush are white (and have roman numerals at the end of their name), physical arts are red and ether arts are blue.
Shield can only block talent arts that are at an equal or lower level than your shield currently is (the level of the enemie's attack is indicated by the roman numerals in the name), and cannot block physical or ether arts, but they don't become very common until later in the game.
When you learn the Monado's Speed art, you will be able to use that to increase your chance of dodging physical arts, but I don't think it works on talent or ether arts.
Later in the game I think there's a quest that rewards you with the Monado's Armor art, which reduces the damage taken by physical and ether arts (at most only prevents 75% of the damage), but I don't think it works on talent arts.
Most of the other characters also have arts that can help against the different types of attacks, so you may want to check what each art does to see how they can help.
I personally find topple and daze handy in most situations, as they basically postpone the art seen in the vision... they're especially handy if the Monado arts are not fully recharged yet (at least until later in the game when a skill makes that no longer an issue), as they buy you some time for it to recharge, and the art in the vision may be different afterwards, so a physical or ether art could be replaced with a talent art that you can use Shield against.
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