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Asked: 3 years ago

Right weapon for Emmy Leather?

Later in the game, Emmy asks you to find either a sword or a shield for her and I tried both, but whatever I do she's unhappy... I really don't know what to do with this quest. Can anyone tell me whats the best solution?

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From: DragonEleven 3 years ago

It doesn't make any difference as far as I know... may just be that each unlocks a different set of quests later on.

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I had this wuest and it does make a difference

pick the sword to make emmy win the fight becoming the captain, pick the shield and she loses and you lose three affinity points with colony 9

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You lose the affinity with colony 9 either way, DragonEleven is correct about that.
So there is no "best" solution, they're equally bad ;)

Regarding the follow-up quests: Dunno, sorry :|

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Well, having her lose is obviously the best way since she never did anything to deserve that rank because she made you do all the work AND she would have tried to win by using poison. I just played along for the quest rewards but for this choice... good riddance.

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I think picking the shield is the better options as this leads to better results later on.

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