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Asked: 3 years ago

European Compatibility?

Is the European release of Xenoblade Chronicles able to run on either a Region 1 (American) or a Region 2 (Japanese) Wii?

While I may be an avid import gamer, I don't know much about European releases.

Accepted Answer

From: fran2908 3 years ago

The simple answer is no. The Australian release of the game, like the European release, is a PAL formatted game. On the back of the game box it has the following note:

"For use with PAL version Wii. Not Compatible with Japanese, U.S. or other versions of Wii."

I would assume the European version has the same message on it.

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Submitted Answers


Quick answer is no.

What I do know is that you're going to have to crack your American Wii to put a code in it to decipher the CD, or that you could crack your Wii so that you can play a Torrent file of the game.

I'm not sure about the Japanese Wii, but I suppose it reacts the same way.

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