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Asked: 3 years ago

An Error has occurred, what should I do?

Well, I've had this game for a week and enjoyed. Actually played it some hours every day. But now I am sad. When I was running around in Makna Forest, the music stopped playing several times. I should have saved, but I didn't. Some minutes later everything just turned black and a text came up:

''An error has occurred. Press the EJECT Button, remove the Disc, and turn off the power to the console. Please refer to the Wii Operations Manual for details.''

Now, it doesn't happen anything when I press the on/off button nor the reset button. I had to pull out the cable. Then when I try to play the game again, this error message keeps coming.
What should I do? I really want to keep gaming :(

Additional details - 3 years ago

My mom do smoke, but not in the house. There hasn't been any smoke in my room at all :/

The error message do only appear when I play Xenoblade, but I tried other games now (Super Smash Bros. Brawl and DK Country Returns) and my Wii can't even read the disc! This also happened sometimes with Xenoblade today.

Aww.. how troublesome :( I've read about how to send it to Nintendo.. sounds so complicated.

So is it that the disc-reader is dirty? 'Cause this has never happened before and I've had this Wii since Wii came to Europe. Maybe it's old?

Additional details - 3 years ago

I am starting to be quite sure that the reasons is 'cause my room has a lot of dust. I've also checked the Wii Cleaning Kit and it seems easy to use, there is included a step-by-step when buying it too and I can also buy it at Nintendo's site for 9.90$ - if it wont work, I will do like you say, sending it to Nintendo for repair.
Thanks a lot for the help! :)

Accepted Answer

From: Externica 3 years ago

The error-message only appears when you try to play Xenoblade?
If so, do you or anyone elsein your home smoke? And is the Wii inside a room where you or anyone else smokes?
Xenoblade is dual-layer DVD, if I remember correct. The smoke makes the Wii's disc-reader dirty, it can still read "normal" games, but games pressed double-layers can't be read anymore.
There is a cleaning-kit, I believe, but I've never seen it in stores. I suggest you'll send a e-mail to Nintendo about the problem. Maybe you can only get it from there.

Yor best choice is to send your Wii to Nintendo, where it can be repaired.

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Ah, good to know - SSBB and Xenoblad are both "Dual-Layer"-DVDs, so yes, the disc-reader is dirty. If it is not smoke, then it could be dust. You have the Wii for quite some time. so that could be the problem.
An easier and cheaper way, but I can't give you a guarantee, would be the lens cleaning kit for Wii.
To be honest, I never saw it in stores, but it is sold by amazon.
I never needed this kit myself, so I don't know how it works exactly or how complicated it is to use. If the disc-reader is too dirty, then even the cleansing kit isn't good enough.

So, if even the kit fails, then there is still the choice left to send it to Nintendo for repair.

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