Question from runaway_angels

Asked: 3 years ago

Can you use Sharla's head shot art with bosses?

I just wanted to know so I can just kill things with ease during boss fights when they're bout' 4 levels higher than me -__-

Accepted Answer

From: Ethnix 3 years ago

Most (if not all) bosses, or even most uniques for that matter, are immune to insta-kill mechanics. At least on the ~30 different occasions I've tried (and failed) they were, which was divided pretty evenly between story bosses and high-to-max level unique monsters. Haven't tried in on every single one, and most likely never will, but I'm venturing an educated guess it will not work.

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I've never tried it on bosses, but I'd presume it would work.
You'd probably have to get pretty lucky to pull it off though, as not only does Head Shot only have a 15% chance of an instant kill, but you also have to get it dazed first... many bosses have high resistance to the break, topple and daze effects when not in a chain, and higher level monsters seem to recover from them more quickly after a chain ends, so you'd have to either get Head Shot in quickly after a chain of the other moves, or hope to get a chance to extend the chain.
When I use Head Shot to take down higher level monsters I'd use Dunban's Demon Slayer to get the target toppled, so that I only had to daze it and use Head Shot in a chain, but that may not be possible in many boss fights as you need another creature neaby to finish off with Demon Slayer for it to work.
You'd probably be better off just levelling up a bit before taking on boss fights... it'd get boring if you just used Head Shot on every boss anyway.

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