Question from joegt123

Asked: 2 years ago

What exactly is a timed quest?

Does it have a literal timer? Or does it get locked out if you progress through the story or something...?

Is there a chart or FAQ depicting what quests are timed and when they time out?

Additional details - 2 years ago

Well honestly I want to get as many done in one play as possible (IE, All of them aside from the Mutually Exclusive ones.) But it's good to know that I'm only limited by story progression. Just means I need to do all timed quests before I move on. Thanks.

Accepted Answer

From: bship 2 years ago

It means after you progress through a certain point in the plot, the quest will no longer be available. the game tells you if its timed or not. theres no reason to stress over them, and you are given more than enough time to complete them. theres 400+ quests, so its not a big deal if you get locked out of some.

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