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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
2 Alcamoth's lost son quest? 2
Are there any Timed quests that get cut off if I were to go and do Prison Island, not just Alcamoth but in general? 1
At what point in the plot will the time-limited quests in Alcamoth expire forever? 1
Can I start building colony 6 after mechonis core? 1
Can't find a certain NPC in Alcamoth? 1
Challenges 2 + 3 colony 9? 2
Colony 9 - collection quest 3? 1
General Quest Question? 1
Gerugu on the Bionis Leg? 1
How can Don Argentis give me the quest for sharla's 5th skill tree? 2
How can i get the 4th skill three for reyn? 3
How can you get Neonik & Shilx to Colony 6 before the Mechonis Core event? 1
How come I can't view these Heart-to-Hearts? 1
How do I find Traveller's Rest on Bionis' Leg? 3
How do I get adventurers in peril to appear? 1
How do I get all materials needed to forge the 5 extra Monado Replica? 1
How do I get Riki's 4th skill tree? 1
How do I get the Memory 925 pieces? 2
How do I get up the Waterfall in Makna Forest to get the Water Ether Crystals? 1
How do I reach the area north west of Bagnar Snowfield? 2
How do I reach the top of the Exile Fortress? 1
How do I solve "What is Courage?" 1
How do I solve missing lodger? 2
How do I solve quest ''For my Loved One''? 1
How do I solve quest ''Looking for a lost son''? 1
How do I solve quest ''Mementos of a lost son''? 2
How do I solve quest ''Mending Memories''? 1
How do I solve quest ''The Oath Sword''? 1
How do I solve The Lost Nopon? I know where to find Batubatu by Raguel Lake; that's not the problem. 2
How do I unlock "The old soldier's request" quest? 1
How do i unlock the Romantic notions of a boy quest? 1
How do you get the next stage of Sesame's plan to appear? 4
How do you start/get the quest "Desiree's Future"? 1
How much of an impact do your decisions make during Quests? 1
How to start side quest "The Investigation"? 1
I cant beat a challenge quest becose i beat the monster earlier? 1
Lonely Niranira help? 3
Looking for Arnaut in "Out like a light?" 1
Preparing for adventure 3 bug? 1
Right weapon for Emmy Leather? 5
Side quest-Rocco's Heartful Request-Colony 9? 1
Starlight Gazer quest help? 3
Stopping The Elopement? 1
Talonyth after Alcamoth destruction? 1
Time of Day and locations? 1
Trainer Hermalon and Wisp Fluid? 1
What does the hot day at manka forest look like? 2
What exactly is a timed quest? 1
When does the quest "Bring back my son" appears ? 1
Where are Jer'ell in Alcamoth and Wegner or smt in Colony 9? 1
Where are the items Orkatix wants? 2
Where can I find Andreas (Monica and Erik quest)? 3
Where can i find telesya? 1
Where can i find Vangs on Bionis' Leg? 1
Where do I find Officer Volff? 1
Where do i find the red pollen orb for the Big brother fight quest? 1
where i can find Sunlight Schvalk? 3
Where in Satorl Marsh can I find the Silent Oblesik? 2
Where is Cael in Alcamoth? 1
Where is Chordy Skeeter in Colony 9? 1
Where is dedeba? 1
Where is Lupa on the Frontier Village??? 2
Where is Pachipa (frontier village)? 1
Where is Peppino in Colony 9? 3
Where is the nopon Gadada in Makna Forest for the Dangerous Ambition quest? 2
Where is Three Stage Summit in Valka Mountains? 2
Where is white edwardo? 5
Why can't I acess the Young Captain Questline? 1

Item Location Help Answers
Are materials necessary for anything other than quests? 3
Are there any missable in this game ? 2
Can someone explain how gem crafting works in layman's terms? 2
Fire Tarantulas? 1
Gem's 'E' Color? 1
Gems and their uses...? 1
How can I find Sturdy Armour? 3
How do i get Scarlen out of Alcamoth? 1
How to i recharge the monado faster? 3
I need help finding a Red Frontier? 1
Is there a crafting system in xenoblade? 1
Is there any "ultimate" epuipment or "final" euipments in this game? 5
Kneecap rock, light rain element and fossil monkey ? 2
Kneecap Rock, More than One? 2
Love source item? 2
What drops ready coil? 3
What Enemies Drop Z Speed Armour (all sets) for 7th? 3
What presents (collectables) are most loved by party members? 5
Where and what drops Dust Element? 2
Where and what drops Squall Element? 2
Where can I find Art Core Coils? 2
Where can I find Asura greavees? 1
Where can I find Blade Gear? SPOILER WARNING 2
Where can I find burnia scent wood? 3
Where can I find Fire Tarantula? (Bionis' Leg Collectibles) 1
Where can I find Forget-you-not? 1
Where can I find Fresh Armu milk? 2
Where can I find Grape Spring? 1
Where can I find Ice cabbages in Valak Mountain? 3
Where can I find Marine Marble? 1
Where can I find Melia's intermediate arts? 5
Where can I find night lilies? 1
Where can I find Red Frontier or Black Styrene? 1
Where can I find red frontier? 1
Where can I find retro diode? 1
Where can I find sirius anemone in colony 6? 1
Where can I find Steel Silk? 2
Where can I find the 3 Ancient Documents for the Mystery of Makna Ruins? 5
Where can I find the final cross art books? 1
Where can I find the Jungle Top? 2
Where can I find Thick Rhana Hides? 1
Where can i find this key in tephra cave? 1
Where can I trade Bunnia Ham? 1
Which enemy, drops the Z-Speed Chassis for Fiora? 1
Whit how can I trade Lewisia Silver? 2

Other Help Answers
Affinity not raising? 1
Any way to Store or mark items? 1
Anyone else ready for the 3ds realese of this game? 1
Battle Icons, buffs, debuffs, auras - what do they look like? 2
Beating a monster 10 levels higher than you? 3
Can I keep playing after I finish the game? 1
Can I start new game + at level one? 2
Can I use the GameCube controler on this game? 1
Can you change to the Japanese voices in the US version? 1
Can you use Sharla's head shot art with bosses? 2
Can't unequip Melia's helm? 1
Collectopaedia? 2
Do any character leave the party? 1
Do I need to play the other games in the xeno series to understand the story in xenoblades chronicles? 1
Do stats from gems stack with Linked skills? 2
Does affinity affect the story? Please, no spoilers. 1
Does this game have a Bestiary? 1
Does this game have a New game +? 1
Experience/party? 2
Field Ponios? 1
Heart to Heart Performance? 1
Heh, found a spoiler in the game itself? 3
How can i go to machina village o alcamoth when i return from sky above bionis? 1
How do I get shulk's fifth skill tree? 2
How do I know which talents to use when I have to change the future in a fight? Like Shield can block Arachno Crush? 1
How do I use cheat codes on wii? 1
How do skill branches work? 1
How do you get into that cliff cave in Bionis Leg? 1
How do you open those special doors found in landmarks with the ancient insignia on them? 1
How do you pick a fight that you have no hope surviving and ace it? 1
How do you trade with your party numbers? 2
How large is the world in this game? 2
How long is this game? 1
How many endings does this game have? 1
How many people can play at once? 1
How to get into King Agni's Tomb? 1
I can't find a Heart to Heart? 1
Is it worth it to buy this? 1
Is there a way to make it rain/thunderstorm? 2
Is there any missable thing in the game ? 4
Is this game worth getting? 1
Late-game song name? 1
Melia's Japanese voice? 1
Misables ? 4
Number fo save files? 1
Quests? 3
Secret Areas? 2
Strenghth, Ether, and Agility? 1
Surpass level 99? 1
Sword Valley? 1
The heart to hearts in Alcamoth? 1
Unable to read Xenoblade Chronicles?? Help 4
What do inventory icons mean? 1
What is so great about this game? 1
What is the song that plays when Shulk defeats Zanza and recreates the world? 1
What's aggro? 1
Where are the Light Skeeters? 1
Where can i find this game? 1
Where do I find three sage summit in snow mountains? 1
where do I get the advanced skill books? 1
Where is King Squeeze? 4
Where is Nic in the Military District? 1
Where is Yura in colony 6? 1
Why are my attacks keep missing? 2
Why doesn't riki's talent art give me items? 1
Why won't the Bagrus Nebula drop a chest? 1
Will this game be in North America? 4

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