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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Is it possible to avoid losing affinity with Colony 9 with the sculptor route for Desiree's Future? 0
Where exactly on Bionis Leg can I get Hill Fireflies? 0
Affinity Chart Fixing? 1
Are there any quests similar to "Melancholy Tyrea"? 4
Bana the betrayer - How to get the quest? 4
Can't migrate Norara to Colony 6. Can anyone help? 1
Does completing every quest in the game/each area get me anything special? 3
Does party order affect affinity gaining between party members? 6
How do I get Juju to return to Colony 6? 2
How do I get the "Mending Memories" quest? 2
How do i get to digit 5? on the fallen arm? 1
How do I solve The Giants` treasures ? 2
How do I solve this guest? 2
How much affinity for upper bonis to get melias 5th skill ? 3
How will theBarbaric Sitri on the quest of The Balance of Power come back? 3
I can't get shulk optional skill tree from Desiree quest? 4
Is Achievements missable? 2
Search Quest 4 Help? 1
Should I rebuild Colony 6 Before or After Mechonis Core? 3
Side quest-Material Quest 3-Colony 9? 2
Side quest-Satata's Younger Brother-Colony 6? 2
Side quest-The Lost Nopon-Bionis' Leg? 2
Stargazer quest? 2
The Brave Protectors Achievement completion? 2
The Missing Partner? 1
Top level of central factory? 2
Trials/Records: Roots across the world ? 1
When can i melt the ice in the Valka Mountains? 2
When can I recruit some particular immigrants? 2
Where are Charcoal legs? 2
Where can I find Tati in Frontier Village? 1
Where is Talonyth in Alcamoth? 1
Where is the erl crevasse? 1
Where is the giant key in satorl swamp? 5
Where is the Syrath Lighthouse Keeper? 2

Other Help Answers
How the heck do you link Marcia and Liliana on the Affinity Chart? 0
What is the song that plays when Shulk defeats Zanza and recreates the world? 0
Answer me honestly now: As a former JRPG player that swore off the genre around a decade ago, is this one worth a shot? 4
Any video with attacks / arts exhibition? 1
Anyone else ready for the 3ds realese of this game? 1
Anyone know whats the bests online game store that accepts paypal? 1
Battle Icons, buffs, debuffs, auras - what do they look like? 2
Best place to level at 68? 3
Breaking the seal? 2
Can I start new game + at level one? 1
Can you create your own protagonist? 2
Can you fight Lazy Hox again? (Colony 6 Quest Unique Monster) 3
Cant Get In To Colony6? 1
En Argentis late game? 1
How can I undo the effects of using cheats? 1
How does one get Alcomoth Heart-to-Hearts post- mechonis core? 2
I'm stuck in High Entia ???!!! 2
Is there a way to make it rain/thunderstorm? 1
Is this game worth it? 2
Level 75-80 monsters for levelling? 1
Location Affinity not showing up on Affinity Chart? 2
Max Ap, Sp, Coins in lvl 1? 1
New equipment - no easy way to check benefits? 4
Should i get this game? 2
What exactly triggers a party wipe? 1
What happens if I do all the sidequests? 2
What is the gift Dunban hates? 1
What is the number to the right of the vision bar in battle? 3
Where can I find Jer'ell, Enn Auryth and O'Don Auryth in the endgame? 1
Where is the best place to level up at before defeating xord? 1
Where to grind for the final boss? 3
Why can't I raise my Area Affinity? 4
Why did it take so long for this game to come out in u.s? 3
Xenoblade Chronicles reprint? 3

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