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One of the best RPG experiences to come out of Japan in a long timeamazingu10/10
A Titanic RPG for Every Gamercheeseyrox210/10
A surprised & surprising dissenter amongst the ranks!Crackery7/10
Simply the best JRPG I've played in years.ezeliyn10/10
Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the finest role-playing games this generation.HailToTheGun9/10
I want to be a Nopon!JoopFOX10/10
Easily one of the best games of this generation!Anclation10/10
I am blown away. If you are a fan of ANY kind of RPG, then Xenoblade is among the best.Archmonk Iga10/10
9.5, a beautiful and unique experience, import it if you have toastroisawesome10/10
A masterpiece that rivals the likes of Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy VII.AuraWielder10/10
A masterpiece of a game; one of the best on the Wii.chaomaster400010/10
I want to get away...discoinferno849/10
Xenoblade, a rpg you may regret not playingFabled_Legend9/10
A Swan Song for the Wii (and possibly JRPGS)GreenHammer9/10
Casual gamer starts Xenoblade, six months of his life suddenly disappear.jonnyjazz10/10
Xenoblade Chronicles is a breath of fresh and is over flowing with endless amount of content to see and doKFHEWUI10/10
Nintendoman1987 Review - Xenoblade is the new greatest game of all time!NintendoMan198710/10
An incredible adventure and a major step forward for the genre. Not a perfect game by any means, but one you definitely won't regret playing.nintendosega8/10
Have role playing games already evolved so rapidly?RageBot9/10
The Wii's final triumph. A review after playing Xenoblade for over 150 hours.RBYAlwaysWins10/10
Xenoblade is the best RPG in years, Japanese or otherwise.SSpectre8/10
An awesome game with some major flawsXenoManx7/10

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