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Who is she?

In the pic of the new Zelda who is the girl behide Link and she looks likes the Great feriy (sorry if it not right) form Wind Warker i can not take it any more.

DarkZero_0x provided additional details:

I know that one and some are saying that she the new partner for Link or she is the spirit for the Master Sword but that does not change the fact that she looks like the Great Fairy form Wind Waker.

DarkZero_0x provided additional details:

What i mean she looks like the Great Fariy form Wind Waker i mean the Queen of the Faires from Mother and Child island ( for people who played Wind Waker).and why because Link gives back the Master Sword at the end of every Zelda game if this game IS linked to Twilight Princess.

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Samuel_Aran answered:

Her name is Fi, she is an AI program and "Spirit" of what is to become the Master Sword. Not only this, she's your partner/guide much like Navi/Minda in past games.

There are many features to her and you'll discover them all in the game as you play.
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halfmask answered:

No one knows yet, but some people are speculating that it's an incarnation of the Master Sword.
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19Jazz97 answered:

If it's not the master sword, than who? One, the Master Sword is not on his back. Also, there's the Master Sword's diamond on her chest. And the bottom of it's dress is the hilt of it. I don't see how it can be anything else.
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bones3417 answered:

Some people say her name is Adelle.
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DatWasEasy answered:

It looks like a great fairy and a zora, the marks on her are on the master sword, and the base where you pull it from.

But it's defintly NOT his new Being partner.
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nitzan_z answered:

It's the skyward sword, that will be your partner in this game, and eventually the master sword
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dalex512 answered:

Like nitzan says, its the skyward sword itself, and this sword is the acient form of the master sword. I supose that when you need the sword to fight, she took a blade shape. I guess...I hope...
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nintendosonymic answered:

You guys are both right nitzan_z and dalex512
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Ryanmiller70 answered:

Her name is Phi, I think. I remember someone from Nintendo said her name.
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delaira answered:

She kind of reminds me of midna from tp.
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delaira answered:

but I havent played the game yet sooo
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Darklink9009 answered:

I got this game a little early so I guess I will answer this. Her name is Fi. She is the spirit of the master sword. Once you get the master sword then you become her master. I will not get into details about it but I can tell you that this game is based around the master sword. This game is tied to twilight princess. Actually. This game is tied to ALL the Zelda games. You will learn why Link is the only one to get the master sword, why there is a triforce, and what happens to Ganondorf before Ocarina of Time.
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fmanarutofan answered:

Her name is Fi, She actually is his new partner. She has multiple abilities such as dowsing and she also gives you the option to analyse your foe and give statistics of your battle performance.
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DivineReshiram9 answered:

Is the Master sword, according what i've heard, his timeline is set before" A Link A To The Past"... is thes spirit of the master sword, also his partner.
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