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How do I beat 1st temple boss?

Im in the first temple and need info on how to beat this boss.

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?Thanks yall for the info

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DrEm314 answered:

The short answer, just hack away at the boss.

The boss really only summons 4 needles to throw at you. Dodge, block, or attack them to make them go away.

The longer answer is to watch where his glowing red hand is and attack from a direction where his hand isn't. If his hand is low, attack from above. If his hand is to the right, do a vertical chop or attack from the left.

The initial position and direction you swing corresponds to Link's attack. It might be a bit buggy, but that's the basic idea.

If he catches your blade, lift your Wii-mote up and you'll pull away.

Same idea applies to sword phase. Make sure his sword won't be in the way of your swings.

Successfully landing an attack causes him "bleed" diamonds.
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nierro answered:

When ever he is countering your hit. you can point your sword to the any direction and hold it there for about 2~3 sec. and he will get ready to block in that direction. quickly swing your sword in different direction.
for exmp: point your sword to the left. then swing right to left.

when ever he is charging at you and you see the charge coming, take some step back. if he runs to your right swing right to left. and visa versa.

when he has the knifes or needles ready to throw at you, just hit it with your sword.
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joegt123 answered:

In the second phase of the fight, when he has the sword, shield bash against his charge and you'll stun him for a second. Otherwise, the above tactics work well.
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SmashFighter3 answered:

Technically, Ghirahim, the first boss in Skyview Temple, launches five projectiles at a distance. I fought him myself and lost on my first attempt in the fight. Cause of defeat: No fairy and did not understand Ghirahim's attack patterns real well. On my second attempt, I focused on my timing, though it's still off a bit, and learned his attack patterns. Attack 1: Attempt to swipe sword from hand, first phase of the fight. Attacks 2&3: Running sword slash and projectile launch. Follow what I'm saying and you'll defeat Ghirahim in no time flat. For a good advantage in battle, get a fairy that's east of the round room inside the one before the room with the boss locked door. Good luck.
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