Question from SS4kronos33

Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find the slingshot?

I am looking for the sling shot to get into beedle floating shop.Anyone know where it is???

Accepted Answer

From: PlasticSheath 3 years ago

You have to go to the lower world and progress through the plot until you find the five Kikwis (4 little guys + 1 big guy). Talk to the big Kikwi and he will give you the slingshot. It isn't that far into the game, and it is the first non-sword weapon you get.

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Submitted Answers


You obtain it as you progress the story.

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It's literally the first weapon item you get when you go through the game. It's maybe an hour or so into the game if you don't completely exhaust everything in the sky or get hopelessly lost.

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