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Where can I find a monster claw?

I've been through the waterfall at least a dozen times and killed every keese in there. They never drop a monster claw...

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Jeffehz answered:

Monster Claws are dropped by Keese type monsters. Just keep on hacking and slashing those little bats. There are about 10-15 keese in the waterfall, just run back and forth until you get them.

Note, that you do not need to upgrade your shield for the first dungeon/area. There are only a few octoroks in the first area.
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Inzoum answered:

Drop rates can be frustrating at times. Keese-type monsters will definitely drop the Monster Claw collectible but maybe not as often as you'd need them to. You'll find this kind of monster in several areas, with some variations, so you can keep moving ahead in the game, don't let it hold you back. I wouldn't recommend spending too much time farming for upgrade items since you can obtain an item from a Goddes Chest quite early that will improve the drop rate from monsters if you keep it with you in your Adventurer's Pouch. Strike those cubes when you see them!
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darkorcsman answered:

I found one in waterfall cave
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