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Playing the harp with Kina?

Am I supposed to memorize their movements or something? I've been at the for like 45 mins, and they're NEVER impressed with my playing. Am I supposed to keep EXACTLY in time with them?

Megatron_Zero asked for clarification:

Is this the one thing you do at nighttime on pumpkin island?
I'm surprised how many people have problems with this.
I got it right firs try......

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master_of_jak answered:

Don't try to anticipate their movements. Strum when they move. The faster sections are a bit annoying, but it's always L-R-L or L-R (pause) L-R, depending on when they do it. The only exception is at the end, when they do L-R-L (pause) L-R.
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odysseyshot answered:

When they move their arms you strum your harp from one side to the other. Make sure to play the edge strings. When they move their arms faster you play you're harp faster. Basically have you're hand on the harp in the direction their pointing. (Note: you don't have to go the same direction as them but it's easier) When they stop moving their hands try and keep the normal tempo. It took me five tries but eventually you'll make it.
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DragonEleven answered:

I somehow passed this first time... I just done slow, wide swings, and tried to quickly change direction each time their hands did... I didn't worry about doing full swings each time, just the timing of the direction changes (and I didn't even think I did too well at that at the time).
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LinksDiety answered:

Here's a video that really helped me:
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TakashiMifune answered:

I didn't even bother trying to follow the movements of the audience's hands much. The timing, yes, and I strummed the harp left and right when they moved their hands accordingly, but I didn't bother making the quick changes with them. After I failed a couple times I stopped trying to follow exactly and just kept a steady rhythm, which was enough to pass this challenge.
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nittt answered:

This one is an annoying side-quest......trying to follow there hands as best as you can is very hard. I know there are a few long strokes directly followed by shorter ones. I say keep practicing with a steady hand and look at one person not both their hands.
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justareader2 answered:

If you hold the wiimote with the d-pad & control buttons facing left & the B button to the right, the strumming is smoother. It makes following the rhythm more accurate. It seems like the key is to keep the rhythm after the dudes stop waving their arms.
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WiiAreFaded answered:

Ok, guys, here is the secret. Like others have said, follow the arms. That said, the best way to do it is, when they move their arm left(doesn't have to be the direction they move, just easier), you strum VERY QUICKLY to the left. Wait for arms to go right, strum VERY QUICKLY to the right.

See the point? VERY QUICKLY. Makes the faster parts a cinch as well.

This also works for the gate songs and such.
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Mr_Khan answered:

I'd like to reiterate WiiAreFaded's response. Speed is the key, and direction is irrelevant. Make very quick motions through the notes, and move after they move (my problem was i kept giving in to my own natural and very poor sense of rhythm, so got off track). Stay laser-focused on the arm movement, move after they do, but move quickly to the other end of the harp

Glad i got that piece of harp, damn.
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Shadowlinktamer answered:

Just go with the beat when the 2 audience members wave their arms. You don't have to do some fancy half-strum. Then, when they stop waving, you stop playing. This will only happen once in the song; I guess it's her solo or something. Do this and you will be rewarded with praise if you haven't finished the Chandler side quest and 50 rupees if you have.
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GamerChick90 answered:

I noticed when I was doing this that you don't necessarily have to follow their hands exactly, so long as you can keep a basic tempo, with a little bit of creative freestyle mixed it. You'll know when you can freestyle because they stop waving their arms.
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ZeroLagann answered:

You have to try and keep exact time with them, it's like tapping your foot. You have to keep your strums in tempo with their motions.
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