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Where can I find Faeries?

There aren't Fountains like in the old Zeldas. Anyone know a good spot close to Skyloft where i can find Faeries?

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I Don't have the harp yet ;)

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@cosplay: Which sealed Temple? Storywise i just entered the Earthtemple.
@Inzoum: Thanks ill try that if there aren't other Options...its a hassle to run through that whole temple again =/

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From: cosplaykid21 3 years ago

the easiest spot is in the sealed temple, to the left of the old lady. There will always be 1 fairy in 1 of those pots. hope this helps.

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The easiest way by far includes drawing the Triforce in one stroke on Goddess Walls, which spawns 3 fairies. When you see a group of 3 Blessed Butterflies, play the harp and a part of the wall will start glowing, stand in front of it and ready a Skyward Strike to begin tracing your symbol of choice (you can also get bombs, arrows, hearts or rupees from these). Fairies can also be found more rarely when digging or smashing pots, usually close to boss areas. That's it really.

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If you don't have the harp, I remember you can get 1 fairy from one of the crates hanging above the main room of the first dungeon. Cut the string with the Beetle. There are other sure spots like that but I can't remember off the top of my head, they're rare, though.

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The Sealed Temple is your first entry point to the Faron Region, where the old lady with the clock pendulum braid is.

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The first temple has a bunch of fairies. If you created a bunch of shortcuts you can reach it quickly.
Also in this first dungeon there is a goddess wall.

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Can here's what I do. If you go to the first or second dungeon (Skyview or Eldin's;can't remember the name of Eldin's off the top of my head) and you go to the room after the boss rooms. You know the rooms through the glowing yellow doors. Anyways jump into the water and look for a waterfall with a bunch of fairies floating at it's base then you equip a jar and lock onto one fairy and scoop it up. Then you can leave and proceed through the story if you lik. Hope this helped ;)

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Woops sorry for the spelling in the first word it's suppose to be Kay not Can.

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You also can get faeries by sprinkling the magic powder (from the glittering mushrooms) on hearts.

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I have four jars to fill four fairies. At the end when fighting Demise and or Ghiraham you should get your bug net ready and go to the sealed temple and go back in time, then turn around and on the left side of the light shining down there is a stool and next to it is a pot, break it and catch it with the net, then go back through the time portal and do it again and again until your jars are full. Then jump down and save before entry (that way you can shut off the system and get back on ready to go).

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