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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I get the goddess cube in eldin volcano summit pool?

I have the strategy guide and it says to jump off the ledge. I can see the cube but whenever I jump off I'm already lower then the ledge the cube sits on. I've tried jumping to the right and left side of the column in front of it but it's always the same result., I'm to low by the time I reach the ledge.

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From: sumostickfigure 3 years ago

I just jumped off the right side, but I believe you can see the proper way of doing it for yourself if you check up on the Sheikah Stone up in Skyloft.

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You need to use skydiving controls to get yourself over to it... even at full tilt I found it pretty tight and didn't have time to use the sail cloth.

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This was a tough one for me... took several tries
what I found was point your remote up about 10 o"clock as you dive off, this makes it easier to sore
forward..... but be aware that to much pointing down with the remote will cause a dive

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This one is a bit tricky since it is behind a pillar. A tip:

Leaning the controller forward allows you to move forward. Full tilting the controller will send you to a complete straight down dive.

So I say try to "lean" the controller forward and control a bit to the right or left (which ever way you jumped off).

I highly suggest practicing diving controls with the mini-game with that clown guy on the colour wheel island left of Skyloft. That helped me lots with diving control.

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